I help horses, riders & bodyworkers grow ‘FEEL’ 100x faster!

Finally get free from the pain, disconnection, and tension that are keeping you from being in perfect harmony with your horse, OR from being the busiest (and most effective) equine bodyworker in your area.

Reclaim Body-Awareness

Use Energy with Intention

Ride Without Pain

Life is too short to feel like

you’re not the great rider your horse deserves!

You don’t have to spend a lifetime hoping that if you take enough lessons, try to be ‘mindful’ and work really really hard, that one day you will wake up with more suppleness and great Feel…

You don’t have to live with Stiffness & Pain…

Losing your flexibility, energy and confidence are NOT a “normal” part of aging… these are JUST SYMPTOMS of a lifetimes’ accumulation of chronic tension and dulled body-awareness, and they are REVERSIBLE!



You were born with just as much talent and Feel as any other horse-loving human…

You just need someone to show you how to reboot your body-awareness, exercise your ‘feel-muscles’ (which are actually in your brain), invite horses to participate in conversations and how to shape and direct the powerful personal energy that radiates from your heart.


How it works (It’s actually pretty easy)

100X Your Feel

Instead of doing 400 repetitions or investing 10,000 hour trying to master something ‘new’ – you can restore your (or your horses) original neural pathways for pain-free ‘correct’ movement & natural Feel in as few as 3 reps with the right Somatic Exercises.


Be 100X More Effective

Zero in on the root cause of 99% of restrictions, resistance and miscommunications (hint, it’s called Motor-Sensory Amnesia) and learn to remove this roadblock to physical, mental and emotional freedom, Feel and horse-human harmony.

Results that last 100X Longer

Every training session, bodywork method or ‘treatment’ out there has an effect on the Nervous System – but not necessarily changing it from within. Learn how to get semi-permanent results and faster progress by working WITH (not ON) yourself or your horse.

Riding a white dressage horse at the beach

How would you feel if

tomorrow you were a better rider?

Like a kid with effortless great posture and a naturally balanced position

Relieved to ride with less pain and more flexibility

Excited to easily follow the movement of your horse

Free from the worry of hurting or ruining your horse with ‘bad’ riding habits

Like a horsewhisperer – sharing thoughts and ideas with your horse on a near-telepathic level…

How would your horsemanship change if

you knew the secret to relaxation?

You could be your own equine ‘bodyworker’

Help horses have less pain and more suppleness, in minutes (not weeks, months or years)

Enjoy deeper bonding on a heart to heart level

Eliminate resistance & restrictions before you ride

Finally start to experience true lightness and harmony

Alissa Mayer doing Equine Hanna Somatics with a horse

I want to help you develop your Feel, be more effective and get natural results that really last…

Motor-Sensory Restoration

Quickly restore feel and function to the Nervous Systems of both Horse & Human to ease pain, correct crookedness and unleash your natural Feel.

Using 'Energy' with Intention

Harness the power of your natural electro-magnetic field to use your energy and intention strategically for invisible communication and new levels of connection & lightness.

Giving the Horse a Choice

Tweak your approach in 5 key areas to more rapidly build trust and invite rich horse-human dialogues where the horse always has a choice, and knows it.

How would you feel if

you never had to worry about ending on a ‘good note’ again?

Deeper horse-human connection

Two bodies, one nervous system

Less frustration and more joy with horses

More trust and true partnership

Always offering the horse a choice

Alissa Mayer at liberty with horse Doc A'Nalu
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