Don’t Pull, it Causes “Brace”

Don’t Pull, it’s a Trap!

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Do you ever pull on the lead rope? Or the reins?


Horses know that if they can get you to pull, they can deactivate your POWER. Because between humans and horses, our power isn’t in our muscles – it’s in our brains, our intellect, and our ability to reach out to horses in an effort to connect with them in their own language.


As a certified Equine Hanna Somatics® Educator, I also know that pulling on a horse causes a whole group of muscles to reflexively react by tightening and “bracing.” This leads to stiffness and chronic pain, especially of the poll area and under-neck muscles of the HORSE, as well as the back muscles of BOTH the HORSE and HUMAN… but that is another video for another day!


There’s also a whole section in the BOOK that I’m nearly finished writing on NOT PULLING, and what to do INSTEAD.


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Question for you – would you prefer an ebook or a paper book? Why? Comment below with your answer.



Happy Horsing!



5 thoughts on “Don’t Pull, it Causes “Brace”

  1. I prefer a paper book, because I don’t like electronics. My computer is enough for me to deal with. I’m from the old school. Your video was a great teaser to learn what is the answer.

  2. I much prefer the feel of a real book in my hands….. but, the South African postal system can be dodgey, and the advantage of an eBook is instant access, so I guess I’d go for the eBook.

  3. Paper, so I can easily take it to the barn if I need to (I don’t own a smart phone). Also, I’m a very tactile person, I remember better if its on a page I can turn.

  4. I prefer a paper book. It is easier for me to read and transport with me. Where I live the wifi is dodgy and intermittent.
    If you produce an ebook I can always print it.
    thank you.

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