How Slow is Slow Enough?

How Slow is Slow Enough?

How slow is SLOW ENOUGH? Here I am doing the Initial Pick Up with my horse Doc A'Nalu. I have a very light hold on his fetlock with just one hand, and I am careful not to do more than he is offering – staying within his easy and comfortable range of motion. During the slow put-down, you can see him move his limb more quickly as his hoof nears the ground, which I didn't block or resist, of course! Watch til the end so you don't miss Jedi trying to help!

Posted by Alissa Mayer – Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educator on Sunday, April 30, 2017

Somatic Movement is extremely effective in causing muscle relaxation by causing a change in the level of brain control that mediates resting muscle tone (ie. How contracted a muscle is when at rest). For this to happen, the release of each movement must be slow and mindful.

Students often ask me, “How slow is slow enough for Hanna Somatics to be effective?”

I made this video for you as an example.

Watch as I do the EHS Initial Pickup with Docs forelimb. Notice that I only lift the leg as high as Doc wants to lift it, and we do not move beyond his easy and comfortable range of motion of the moment. He is doing most of the work of lifting and carrying his own weight. Also notice that once he returns his hoof to the ground, he stands his weight back on it – if he had not, I would have asked him to. Be sure to watch until the end or you will miss seeing Jedi assisting us!

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