Posture or Conformation?

EHS: Is it Posture or Conformation?


Learn how to assess your horse in this fun and educational
Micro-Lesson with 
Alissa Mayer, certified EHSE.

Take a look inside what I do in this video above – the first of a new series to be released!


  • LEARN What an Equine Hanna Somatics® Educator like me does during our pre-session Assessments
  • DISCOVER the Functional Differences between Conformation and Posture
  • LISTEN as I describe how we determine the sequence of the somatic movements we will be asking the horse to do during each unique Equine Hanna Somatics (EHS) session.

Ready for MORE..?

LEARN to do a complete basic EHS Session with your own horse from our easy to follow, step-by-step instructional video, called Equine Hanna Somatics – Session 1.

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  • short or uneven strides?
  • a poor attitude?
  • chronic stiffness and/or pain?
  • asymmetry or unbalance?
  • girthy or cinchy-ness?
  • loss of peak performance?
  • other symptoms of “aging”?




  • Performance Enhancement
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • More Flexibility, Suppleness & Straightness
  • Career Extension & Injury Prevention
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Overall Relaxation and Well-Being
  • Increased Bonding with the Handler/Rider



Yes, I am ready to start my basic EHS Session! (Click to get the video)


Is EHS right for my horse?

EHS can be beneficial for any horse exhibiting signs of Sensory Motor Amnesia (or SMA), or chronically contracted muscles (like the stubborn ones in your lower back that tense up and refuse to let go when you overwork your own body). These overly tightened muscles can block circulation and nerve impulses from flowing freely through the muscle tissue, resulting in a ‘numbed zone’ that becomes inaccessible to the horse.

To the horse, this muscle will feel and act like it is weakened or fatigued, or overreact to stimuli and trigger habitual behaviors, like pawing. Over time chronic muscle contractions can lead to muscle atrophy and/or asymmetry – all part of Sensory Motor Amnesia.

EHS can also be an effective tool for horses experiencing pain, stiffness and other symptoms commonly associated with aging. It is also a wonderful bonding experience for you and your horse.

Special thanks to:

Eleanor Criswell Hanna, David Ulloa, Dee McHenry, Valeo Films, Sharon Foley, Sharon Madere and all the lovely horses who helped make this project possible!

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