Posture or Conformation?

Posture or Conformation?


Learn how to assess your horse in this fun and educational
Micro-Lesson with 
Alissa Mayer, certified EHSE.

Take a look inside what I do in this new video – the first of a new series to be released!

Learn what an Equine Hanna Somatics Educator does during our pre-session assessment, and how we determine the sequence of the somatic movements we will be asking the horse to do during each unique Equine Hanna Somatics session.

Special thanks to David Ulloa, Dee McHenry, Valeo Films, Sharon Foley, Sharon Madere and all the lovely horses who helped make this project possible!

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Or get our detailed instructional video download
>>Equine Hanna Somatics – Session 1<< by clicking here!

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