Distance Coaching

Start with this 6-lesson online course

Coaching available via Skype, email or good old telephone.

Get rapid results with immediate feedback on your technique, posture and communication style that may be getting in the way of you and your horse achieving that “Ultimate Connection” and being your best, healthiest selves!


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Take advantage of my unique skill set to guide you in building habits and learning more sophisticated communication tools that will lead to immediate improvements. With your horse, see changes in attitude, performance, soundness and well-being, or dive into a transformation of your own posture to relieve chronic pain, learn easy exercises to get rid of tension anytime, and gain the body awareness you need to excel as a rider, an athlete, a human.




Equine Hanna Somatics®

After I assess your horses posture and movement, I’ll guide you through a custom EHS session with your horse to address chronic tension.

Somatics for the Rider

Once I assess your posture and we discuss your goals, I’ll guide you through a tailored Somatics for the Rider/Athlete session, like a private mat class.

Somatic Riding

Take your position and your application of the aids to the next level with a somatic approach. Relax and focus on making progress with my support.

Liberty & In-Hand

Learn the art of playing with horses at Liberty, even if you’ve never tried it before – this is the ultimate test of your communication skills, honesty and heart.


Develop a custom Herd Culture with your horses based on clear boundaries, a deeper understanding of horse behavior, and mutual respect.

Problem Solving

Have a behavioral or movement issue that you just can’t figure out? From stereotypies to trailer loading to unreasonable spooking, we’ll figure this out together.


Dance with your horse… Get Started Right Now!



Once you have purchased your Starter Kit, Email me to schedule your session, and include:
– a link to a short video of your horse (skip this if the session is for just you)
– still photos of you or your horse (instructions below)
– short description of your challenges and goals
I will respond to your email with my next available scheduling times for you to choose from.
Meanwhile, get started on the 6-Lesson Online Course included in your Starter Kit.
For the video, what I’d like to see is: (horses only – upload to youtube and send me the link, do not email a video file)
– you hand-walking the horse in a straight line across the screen, then away from the camera, then towards me
– the horse being lunged or jogged so I can see some trot and canter in both directions
– the horse going under saddle WTC if able (if your horse has issues being saddled/bridled, include this as well)
– you handling the horse (leading, petting, picking up feet, going thru a gate)
*As long as this video is 5 minutes or less, I don’t charge extra for the video time, if it’s longer than 5 minutes, I prorate the video assessment time at the same $75/hour rate in 5 minute increments.
**if for some reason you cannot film or upload the video, we can work from just the still photos, but I will be best able to assist you if you send both.
For the still photos, what I’d like to see is: (jpeg preferred)
– groomed horse wearing only a halter and lead, lead is loose and handler is not touching the horse
– footing is level and dry, sand, gravel, arena footing, or concrete
– 5 photos: one each from the sides, back, front and from above/behind (to show the spine ears-to-tail, stand on a block or fence rail to get this one)
*please avoid having a bright light, doorway or window behind the horse, and avoid any shadows falling across the horse’s body
Once you have your video uploaded, you can send me the email with the photos and video link anytime, and then we can schedule the Distance Session. 
Have you ordered our instructional video Equine Hanna Somatics Session 1 and tried it yet?
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I recommend you take the pre-session assessment videos and still photos before doing your first EHS session if possible, and then that you try a session at least once before our scheduled coaching session.
I look forward to working with you soon! – Alissa