EHS Private Sessions with Alissa


I am currently booking private EHS sessions in the Eugene/Salem/Oakridge/Bend areas of Oregon, and in Sonoma and Napa Counties of California. For questions, schedule inquiries or to book your private session, contact me via email at


Private Sessions of Equine/Canine Hanna Somatics® hands-on with Alissa + Coaching.

  • $110/Session, approx. 1 hour (additional travel fees may apply)
  • Pre-book a full day (6 horses + two Riders) of Private Sessions and receive 50% off one session


“The most effective time you will spend with a horse….”



What to expect?

Equine Hanna Somatics Private Sessions with Alissa last about an hour. Each session includes an initial analysis of movement and conformation, and discussion of goals for the horse. This is followed by hands-on, cooperative movement exercises to address chronic muscle tension and sensory-motor amnesia.

Most of the session is done at the halt, preferably in a quiet space away from direct sun or wind, with enough room to allow the horse to move 3 – 4 strides. A post-session assessment includes observations of changes in the muscles and movement, and instructions on how you can perform some basic EHS exercises in order to continue helping your horse find relaxation.

Huge changes in conformation/posture, stride length, attitude and muscle activity are often seen in the very first session. Optimum results are generally seen after 3 -5 sessions, which can be done daily or weekly. A follow-up session is recommended 2-4 months later, or anytime the horse experiences a trauma, injury, or stress that causes him to change his health, attitude or way of going.

Horses should not be ridden one hour before or immediately after a session, as they often become profoundly relaxed and need time to process the information and integrate their new (more relaxed) muscles and posture. Post-session, horses should be turned out in a stress-free environment with access to water and room to move for 4+ hours before working.

Horse + Rider Initial Consultation Sessions with Alissa take 2.5 hours. This session, recommended for new clients, includes:

  • Movement and Posture assessment for both horse and rider
  • Saddle-Fit Assessment/Adjustment and recommendations
  • Horsemanship/Training Goals discussion and Riding Assessment
  • Includes First Lesson or First Hanna Somatic Education Session
Email Alissa today to schedule your Initial Consultation or follow-up sessions at: