EHS Private Sessions with Alissa

Equine Hanna Somatics® – Private Sessions with Alissa

I am able to work with you anywhere in the world on a daily basis via Skype – or in person at one of my teaching or workshop locations. For questions, or to book your private session, contact me via email at


“The most effective time you will spend with a horse….”



What to expect?

Equine Hanna Somatics Private Sessions with Alissa last about an hour. Each session includes a posture and movement assessment, discussion of goals for the horse, and hands-on EHS education work to address chronic muscle tension.

Horses should not be ridden one hour before or immediately after a session, as they often become profoundly relaxed and need time to process the information and integrate their new (more relaxed) muscles and posture. Post-session, horses should be turned out in a stress-free environment with access to water and room to move for 4+ hours before working.

Horse + Rider Consultation Sessions with Alissa take two hours. This session, recommended for new clients, includes:

  • Movement and Posture assessment for both horse and rider
  • Saddle-Fit Assessment/Adjustment and recommendations
  • Horsemanship/Training Goals discussion and Riding Assessment
  • Includes First Lesson or First Hanna Somatic Education Session