Host a Workshop

HOST a Workshop or Series of Private Sessions/Lessons



Host Perks:

  • 50% discount to participate in Workshops, or 50% off one private session/lesson per scheduled day
  • $ Unlimited Auditors – Host earns 100% audit fee from first four, and 50% from additional auditors
  • 2 Follow-up consultations via phone, email or video-coaching
  • Private Assessments and Q & A sessions

Host Requirements:

  • Handle all scheduling and facility organization, and field student inquiries (your phone/email will appear on the registration webpages and other promotional materials), collect fees and send pre-payment
  • Payment for Private Series: 50% deposit to schedule; 50% balance + travel cost due 6 weeks before dates
  • Payment for Workshops: Individuals register online, payment in full due at registration
  • Promote the event locally and online
  • Provide accommodations for Alissa as needed (room & board, airport pick-up, etc.)

Facility Requirements:

  • Covered Arena/Round-Pen or adequate quiet, shaded workspace (sound system a plus)
  • Comfortable “studio” space for mat classes, (barn aisle, lounge, living room, yoga studio, etc.)
  • Classroom with chairs (corner of an indoor arena, wide barn aisle or tack room ok)
  • Daytime or overnight boarding for students horses, as applicable

Scheduling and Participation Requirements:

  • Workshops: Up to 12 participants depending on the workshop/space
  • Privates: Minimum of 3-days booked and pre-paid ($880/day + travel) up to 8 private sessions/day
  • Maximum of 6 horses getting hands-on EHS with Alissa each day
  • Contact Alissa to inquire about dates before registering your Workshop or Session Series

To inquire about scheduling a Workshop or Session Series at your facility >>Click here to contact Alissa<<