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A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™!

  Unlocking the potential of horses and humans to become happy,   athletic, connected and free in their bodies, minds and spirits.
  I look forward to sharing my knowledge and helping you and your    horse Connect the Dots... Alissa Mayer
• Equine Hanna Somatics® Education      $110/private session (1-1.5 hours) 
         Private Sessions & Group Workshops
 I recommend 3-5 sessions for maximum benefits

• Riders & Athletes: Hanna Somatics® Education     $65/private session (1 hour) 
         Private Sessions & Group Classes                    
Ask me about hosting a group class for your barn

A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship: $45/45 minutes; $60/hour 
  Private Lessons, Theory/Workshops/Clinics
  Riding - Groundwork - Liberty          
  From Beginner to Classical Dressage    

• Will travel for Lessons! $60/hour, 2-hour minimum + travel fee 

Clinics, Workshops, Private Intensives available!
Contact Alissa to discuss schedule/payment/travel arrangements.
 USA - HI - EU  (variable additional travel fees may apply)

Lesson and Training Philosophy:
A strong foundation is important for every team at every level.
Safety is paramount for both the rider/handler and the horse - fun and progress can only be had when all parties are feeling safe and positive from the beginning. All lesson programs begin with groundwork and riding on the longe to build a team of a good leader and an obedient follower. The lessons or training sessions should be as much fun for the horses as they are for the humans! An individually tailored progressive program will guide each rider to developing a truly independent seat and clear communication while building each horse into a stronger, calmer, and more flexible partner. This foundation training (or refreshing) is beneficial to every horse and rider in any discipline or level, from beginners to Olympians.

Learning Styles - Each individual (horse or human) learns a little bit differently, at different speeds, and only when the students can relax and focus on the task at hand, making SAFETY, RELAXATION, and mutual RESPECT the first building blocks we will focus on in any session. Many different teaching and communication styles are utilized to get the message across as clearly as possible to the students and the horses.

Athleticism for the HORSE - Correct Classical Dressage training for lightness and willingness builds a strong hindquarter and "ring" of core muscles that allow a horse to collect and maintain self-carriage. In addition, correct classical dressage, with regular cross-training, will save the legs, back, poll and all other joints of the body from early deterioration due to repetitive or incorrect movements. This effectively extends the horse's useful life. Equine Hanna Somatics® helps the horse become aware of and let go of involuntary muscle patterns that are preventing the body from performing at it's ultimate potential.

24/7 turnout is the healthiest environment for a horse to live and play in.

Athleticism for the HUMAN - Training both on and off the horse as an athlete is essential to becoming a good rider and horseman. Only with good body-awareness, fine motor and muscle control, and a strong sense of self and self-control it is possible to give clear aids and communications to a horse with correct timing and the all-important release... Riding in and of itself is a great workout, as is dancing, yoga, martial arts training, walking or running, and Hanna Somatics® to help the body release static muscle patterns that get in the way of fluid movement. The best riders stay calm and stay out of the horse's way, and know when to get off before they fall off!

ALL STUDENTS - Custom Group and Package pricing available

CANCELLATION POLICY - 24 hour minimum advance notice to cancel or reschedule to avoid charges


2015 ~ Schedule

August 14-18
Sebastopol, CA

Private Lessons, Theory Workshop, and Equine
Hanna Somatics Sessions, 
with Alissa Mayer EHSE
Location: WHR

September (dates TBA) 

Private/Group Equine/Human
Hanna Somatics Sessions, 
with Alissa Mayer EHSE
Location: TBA

September (dates TBA)
Pagosa Springs, CO

The Missing Link - Live Course!
Connecting the dots:
Posture • Insight • Refinement 

       2016 ~ Schedule

May (dates TBA)
Novato, CA

Equine Hanna Somatics® Professional Training
with Eleanor Criswell Hanna
Location: The Novato Institute for Somatic Research & Training