7+ Video Lessons
Somatics for the Rider

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SR7 “Brain Hacks” for
a Better Seat

+ Bonus EHS Micro-Lesson

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Intro Audio Session
Mat Class for the Rider

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Daily Somatics Full-Body Reset
(42 min audio class)
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A COMPLETE INTRO SESSION designed to relax and optimize all your major muscle groups.

Instructional Video: EHS
Basics for the Horse

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Equine Hanna Somatics Session 1
Also available on DVD (order)

Start improving your horses HEALTH, PERFORMANCE and WELL-BEING… 

Self-care is so important!

This revolutionary new method of MIND-BODY INTEGRATION – SOMATICS –  will
change the way you ride in just > > > 1-3 DAYS < < < with proven science!

Instant gratification, no matter your location…

Download a lesson, hit play and allow Alissa to guide you through her most popular mat classes and equine coaching sessions, appropriate for all levels.