4 Things that Make Us Crooked

4 Things We Do that are Making Us Crooked

& How To Start Changing Them Today!


4 Things we all do every day that are making us crooked:

#1 – Carrying a purse, bag or backpack on only one shoulder, or wearing your wallet in your back pocket

#2 – Rushing, which puts our muscles into “reactive mode” instead of “responsive mode”

#3 – Always using our dominant hand, unconsciously

#4 – Crossing our legs (even if you switch it up!)


4 Ways you can start addressing your asymmetry + improving POSTURE, today:

#1 – Streamline. Clean out your purse or wallet to lighten it up and only carry the essentials, and either wear your purse or shoulder bag across your chest or put your wallet in your front pocket. Best – switch to a hip-bag or light backpack to strap on your stuff.

#2 – Move Mindfully. Give yourself a little extra time to plan your actions: be a few minutes early, think before you act, and slow down your workout or training routine just a little. This will give your Central Nervous System the essential moments it needs to prepare your opposing muscle groups to lengthen and allow, instead of brace and block.

#3 – Teach Yourself a New Habit. Using your non-dominant hand: commit to brushing your teeth or brushing your hair with the weaker hand for at least 7 days in a row, and see what you learn! (caution, toothpaste in the eye can sting, so be careful with yourself at first).

#4 – Feel your Feet. Make a point to place both of your feet flat on the floor every now and again while you are sitting, or to balance over the three points of your feet (your “tripods”) when standing or walking, and move mindfully.

These 4 action items will begin to forge new neural pathways in your brain, and start to increase your mind-body connection and motor skills – however there are several pre-existing unconscious patterns (aka “old habits”) that you will have to overcome or compensate for, UNLESS you can UNWIND and RE-PATTERN your BRAIN first.

Fortunately for us, this is actually pretty easy to do using Hanna Somatics! I have just completed a new short and sweet Video Lesson Series to help you do this.

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To your Health!


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