You Know How to Ride!

You Already Know How to Ride!

We already KNOW HOW TO RIDE, but it’s extremely difficult to GET OUR BODIES TO PERFORM because we are BLOCKED BY CHRONIC MUSCLE CONTRACTIONS that have become part of our unconscious BODY IMAGE.

In this VIDEO, learn why we riding instructors are always telling you the same things, lesson after lesson…

I repeat: You probably already know the basics of how to ride.

What makes RIDING WELL so challenging is that our bodies don’t do what they are supposed to!

By addressing body-awareness (sensory feedback aka feel), body-image (your mental self-map), and neuromuscular control (motor control​) while OFF THE HORSE, you will be able to put your hard earned investment in all those lessons and all that training to good use when you get back ON YOUR HORSE!

Isn’t that great news?!?

So, how do we do it? Using the proven method of Hanna Somatics, it’s actually pretty easy to work through the major muscle groups in your body to find and release the patterns of habitual chronic muscle contractions (aka stiffness) that are making riding more difficult than it needs to be.

Get Started with one of my short “Brain Hacks” for a Better Seat video lessons, or invest in a FULL BODY GUIDED AUDIO SESSION. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE)

As an added bonus, Somatic Movement FEELS GREAT and WORKS VERY QUICKLY.

Even better – once you learn these exercises, you have a new TOOL that you can use for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE to address pain and tension before it becomes chronic. You can do this, its easy!

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