SI Workshops

1-5 Day Interactive Workshops and Reset Retreats


An Introduction to Hanna Somatics for Horse + Rider 

6-12 Participants

1-Day INTRO Workshop + Workbook

  • Theory & Science of Hanna Somatics, Somatic Horse Handling
  • An Introduction to Somatics for the Rider – Daily Maintenance
  • An Introduction to Equine Hanna Somatics – Session 1 (+33% off dvd download, code on your receipt)
  • Unlimited Auditors – participate in Mat Classes

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Complete Re-Boot with Hanna Somatics for Horse + Rider 

  • Somatics for the Rider – Full Body Maintenance Program
  • Posture/Movement Assessment of the Horse
  • Equine Hanna Somatics – Session 1 Complete Protocol
  • Somatic Horse Handling – Build Lightness, Prevent Brace
  • 6-12 Participants with horses, unlimited auditors


3-Day ADVANCED Workshop
A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™ + Riding

  • Somatics for the Rider – Full Body Maintenance Program
  • Horse/Rider Posture/Movement Assessment
  • Equine Hanna Somatics – Session 1 Complete Protocol
  • Somatic Riding – Find Balance and Prevent Brace
  • 8 Participants with horses, unlimited auditors


1-Day INTRO + 3-Day IMMERSION OR 3-Day ADVANCED Workshop

For the serious student or professional rider/trainer who wants to maximize impact and education in a short time.


This exclusive educational opportunity is a unique fusion of clinic and retreat.

Limited to 5 students

7-Day ASATH Reset Retreat
at Alissa’s Ranch in beautiful Oakridge, Oregon USA

    • Exclusive and Intimate – Customized education
    • Inclusive: Package includes horse board/lease, breakfast/lunches + stay in the farmhouse for no additional charge
    • Begin and end each day with Gentle Somatic Movement
    • Focus on Connection and Refinement – Riding, Groundwork and Liberty
    • Zero auditors

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