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Meet Alissa

Alissa is a Certified Equine Hanna Somatics® Educator and the creator of A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™ (ASATH).

She is an international clinician, posture and riding coach, with a BS in Equine Science/Equine Business Management. (Also a forager, grass farmer and mother of twins!)

My work, my PASSION, is unleashing the potential of horses and humans to become happy, athletic, connected and FREE in their bodies, minds, and spirits.

I believe we can all learn FEEL, get SUPPLE, and let go of the mental and physical patterns that prevent us from riding and living up to our potential.

I used to DREAM of the kind of CONNECTION I now enjoy every day, where horses seem to hear and respond to my thoughts and energy…

When a horse and human team are both somatically integrated, both parties also exhibit enhanced feel and the ability to communicate, connect and move with one another – all cornerstones of successful human-horse interactions across all disciplines.

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Using the same principles and proven science that guide my SOMATIC work, I've modified my classical training and natural horsemanship methods to be more efficient & effective and less likely to create tension of mind or muscles.

With this awareness, we are always supporting healthy posture and movement while also building a solid training & profoundly connected relationship foundation for both horses and riders – this is why I call my program A SOMATIC APPROACH TO HORSEMANSHIP™.



"Truly amazing! Do it ALL."

Aimee Brimhall McCord

Inspirational Horse

International Clinician and Instructor, TN, USA

"I’ve been around horses for over 30 yrs and had my share of different body work/awareness done with my horses. The sessions with Alissa were truly amazing! Simple subtle movements and the horses transformed.

Following up with the DVD was essential! Such easy to follow instructions and I found the same results.

After working with Alissa personally for human awareness I now see how important the horse and human side is! Do it ALL! You won’t regret it!"


"A hugely beneficial process."

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin Dressage - USDF Gold Medal, Certified Instructor through 4th Level and USDF Instructor/Trainer Faculty, CO/FL

"Guided by Alissa Mayer, this was the most effective time I have spent with a horse. I strongly recommend looking up Hanna Somatics and then finding a practitioner to teach/coach you through the process.

Remarkably, this so unlocked muscles in Frohdo’s shoulder girth that he started to salivate while being ridden – something he has never done, I must admit. He also accessed and unlocked areas in his back that dressage work just is not able to reach. …a hugely beneficial process for your horse."


"It really works!"

Geneviève Benoit

Licensed Parelli 3 Star Instructor

Certified Competition Coach, Equine Canada & International Society of Rider Biomechanics, CA

"Hi Alissa, I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Thank you so much for showing me how to release my very painful psoas and hip, the exercises you gave me look so simple and easy, but they really work!  My hip felt a LOT better after you helped me, and I have been able to go without pain meds for 2 days now, after 10 days of 1600mg of Ibuprofen a day to just be able to function.

I must say I was a bit skeptical of your approach when we first met in Colorado, but now I am a believer."

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Unique Instruction, Immediate Results, Anywhere!

Take advantage of my unique skill set to guide you in building habits and learning more sophisticated communication tools that will lead to immediate improvements in body, mind & spirit.

With your horse, see changes in attitude, performance, soundness and well-being, or dive into a transformation of your own posture to relieve chronic pain, learn easy exercises to get rid of tension anytime, and gain the body awareness you need to excel as a rider, an athlete, a human.


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Haul-in to Oakridge, Oregon or schedule Alissa at your barn in OREGON or N. CALIFORNIA.

Alissa's areas of Expertise Include


Private Sessions, Instructional Video,  or via Distance Coaching - after I assess your horses posture and movement, I’ll guide you through a custom EHS session with your horse to address chronic tension.


Once I assess your posture and we discuss your goals, you'll get on the massage table for your private session, or I’ll guide you through a tailored Somatics for the Rider/Athlete session, like a private mat class.


Take your position and your application of the aids to the next level with a somatic approach. Effortlessly become more correct and comfortable in the saddle. Relax and focus on making progress with my support.


Learn the art of playing with horses at Liberty, even if you’ve never tried it before – this is the ultimate test of your communication skills, honesty and heart. You can, (and should!) start developing Liberty skills at any level. 


Establish boundaries and increase safety in everything you do with your horse, by developing a custom Herd Culture based on clear boundaries, a deeper understanding of horse behavior, and mutual respect.


Have a behavioral or movement issue that you just can’t figure out? From mysterious "shifting leg lameness" to stereotypies (vices) to trailer loading to unreasonable spooking, we’ll figure this out together.

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