Instructional Video: Equine Hanna Somatics Session 1

An introduction to the first of the 8 Equine Hanna Somatics® Protocols - this video has easy, step-by-step instructions that will teach you to take any horse thru a basic EHS session, including pre-assessments of posture and movements, the intro EHS protocol, techniques and safety tips, and a BONUS Human mini-session!

• 55 min. Instructional video featuring Alissa Mayer & Eleanor Criswell Hanna

• PDF "Principles & Protocol" Session Guide


SR7 Video Series: "Brain Hacks" for the Rider

Seven short video lesson "brain hacks" for releasing tension in your shoulders, back, neck, arms and hands.

• Pick and choose individual video lessons for $1.99 each, or get the whole series for $9.99 and get a BONUS  hands-on move for your horse!


EBook - Daily Somatics for the Rider/Athlete

An introduction to the original mat class on Somatics for the Rider, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna and Eleanor Criswell. This instructional guide has easy, step-by-step instructions that will teach you to do the "Cat Stretch" as taught internationally by Alissa in clinics, workshops and private sessions. This full body session will change your life!

• 6-page booklet with photos of Alissa demonstrating + written instructions

• PDF file for easy download to all devices