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The role of EHS is to help a horse recognize inefficient and unconscious muscle contractions so he can regain conscious control over his own muscles and, therefore, also regain access to his full range of motion, comfort, strength and endurance....

Case Studies - Before & After EHS

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DIY - EHS Instructional Video Download

Equine Hanna Somatics Instructional Video Download

$39 - Learn a basic EHS Session you can tailor to any horse!

This instructional video download was custom created for YOU, the horse OWNER, to help your horse ASAP by learning the basic Intro EHS Protocol.

Great for folks who don't have access to a Certified EHS Educator, for maintenance or between professional sessions.

+ BONUS mini-session of Hanna Somatics for the Rider! 

Private Sessions with Alissa (Equine & Canine)


$125 - Each Private Session Includes:

• Posture & Movement Assessments & Discussion

• Alissa guides the client through the appropriate HS Protocol 

• Learn 3 "Homework" movements to continue the work between sessions

Sessions are 60-90 minutes. PLUS Get tips on how to prevent recurrence of tension and 'brace' using ASATH Somatic Horse Handling techniques!



$350 - Reduce Asymmetry BEFORE Custom Saddle Fitting!

 Weekend Posture Overhaul at Alissa's farm in Oakridge, OREGON

• 3 Private EHS Sessions

• 2 nights Board included!

• Somatic Horse Handling tips to prevent tension & crookedness

Human accommodations and trailer hook-ups also available, please inquire.

Contact Alissa to Schedule

Email to inquire about scheduling your Private Sessions or PRE Saddle-Fit Weekend Package

In your email inquiry, please include:

- session type: equine, canine or human

- # of sessions you are interested in scheduling

- a brief description of your horse/dog/self and the reasons you are seeking my help

- who referred you?

I will reply with scheduling availability.

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