Lesson 1


The Muscles of the Back

10am (PST) November 9, 2019

Lesson 2


The Muscles of the Stomach

10am (PST) November 16, 2019

Lesson 3


The Muscles of the Waist

10am (PST) November 23, 2019

• We will begin with a short discussion of Hanna Somatics and how to get the maximum benefits from this class.

• Then we will do 45-55 minutes of Somatic Exercises (please read the guidelines for doing Somatic Exercises below)

• We will end with a 10-20 minute Q&A Session in the comment box below this video.

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Get comfortable in your loose workout clothes. Drink a glass of water and kick off your shoes! Also remove any large items from your pockets, any belt buckles, hair clips or jewelry that could interfere with your comfort and attention during the class. Keep a sweater handy, and make sure you have enough floor space to lay down and stretch out in all directions. Once we begin the Somatic Exercises, you will not need to watch your screen, but only follow the guidance of my voice.

About this Lesson

Lesson 2: Controlling the Flexor Muscles of the Stomach

These muscles pull in the opposite direction of the extensor muscles of the back - the area you learned to control in Lesson 1. When both the muscles of the back and the muscles of the stomach AR pulling at the same time, the body is put into a "dark vise" of pressure from both front and back, which can contribute to shallow breathing, a distorted heart beat rhythm and changes in blood pressure (Hanna 106). 

At the end of this lesson, we will do some Body Image Training - to do this you will need to sit in your chair near a full length mirror, and be able to hear me.

For all Somatic Exercises, follow the guidelines below.



Somatics, book by Thomas Hanna


This gives your brain time to notice all that is happening in your body as you move.

2. Use the LEAST possible EFFORT

Move slowly, gently, and stay within your comfort zone and easy range of motion.

3. Focus on the FEELING

Focus on the internal sensations, the feeling, of each movement - concentrate on moving slowly and with control.

4. Do NOT FORCE any movement

It takes time for your brain to relearn how to move efficiently, and force only gets in the way.


It triggers a reflex that gets in the way of the muscle resetting we are doing.

6. Somatic Exercises are NOT PAINFUL

These are the normal movements of the human body, and done slowly and gently,  they are harmless.

*This section is adapted from Thomas Hanna's book Somatics (affiliate link above)

I recommend that you DO THIS LESSON AGAIN at least 2-3x more this week before we move on to the next LIVE Lesson.

Each week builds on the content from the week before, and by the end of our 8 weeks together, you will have learned all the pieces you need for a short and sweet daily practice to maintain the AMAZING RESULTS I know you will get.

You've already committed to your SELF-CARE  by being here - CONGRATS! NOW put it on your calendar, maybe evenings MWF? 

Pick a schedule and CREATE A POSITIVE HABIT, and after a week or two it will feel like a breeze!