Get Supple. Feel better & Ride better, NOW.

Transformational Instruction and Inspiration devoted to increasing awareness, flexibility and range of motion throughout your body.

Private Sessions with Alissa


$100 - Each Private Session Includes:

• Posture & Movement Assessments & Discussion

• Alissa guides the client through the appropriate HS Protocol 

• Learn 3 "Homework" movements to continue the work between sessions

Sessions are 60-90 minutes. Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

Wear comfy loose clothing, you will be lying on a massage table.

Group Classes


$75/hour - LiveStream Classes

Host a class for your barn or your students

• 1 hour Mat Class

• Custom Class Content

• Unlimited Participants at host location!

Try Somatics Free > The Body-Mind Hack


7-Day Online Course - FREE

This Body-Mind Hack is a 7-day free online event featuring training from Alissa Mayer, one of the world's leading instructors in using Somatic Movement to improve body function and feel for equestrians, dancers, athletes and horses too!

In 7 days, you'll learn 7 simple yet powerful movements to reduce tension and improve range of motion, including one hands-on movement you can share with your horse or dog! This is how you become more balanced, improve your performance and get out of pain, FASTER!

Somatics for Riders > Learn to improve motor control and body awareness to beat back pain, get supple, feel better and ride better, NOW!

Contact Alissa to Schedule

Email to inquire about scheduling your Private Sessions or PRE Saddle-Fit Weekend Package

In your email inquiry, please include:

- session type: equine, canine or human

- # of sessions you are interested in scheduling

- a brief description of your horse/dog/self and the reasons you are seeking my help

- who referred you?

I will reply with scheduling availability.

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