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Try Somatics for Riders, FREE

Try Somatics for Riders, FREE

Try Somatics for Riders, FREE


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Try Somatics for Riders, FREE

Try Somatics for Riders, FREE


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Try Somatics for Riders, FREE

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SOMATICS FOR RIDERS - Join my 7-Day Body-Mind Hack - FRee

The horse-human relationship is by nature somatic. It is the integration of two minds and two bodies, the mind and body of the rider, and the mind and body of the horse.    - Eleanor Criswell Hanna Ed.D.

I'm excited to invite you to join my new online somatic experience. Register here.

7 simple, powerful movements to reduce tension and improve range of motion + one hands-on move you can share with your horse. Become more balanced, improve performance and get out of pain, FASTER!

Discover the growing LESSON library on these topics:

~ Physiology ~

~ Physiology ~

~ Physiology ~

Equine Hanna Somatics

Equine Hanna Somatics® (EHS)

Posture, Movement & Function

~ Posture ~

~ Physiology ~

~ Physiology ~


Somatics for Riders

 Mutual Self-Carriage

~ Presence ~

~ Physiology ~

~ Presence ~


A Somatic Approach To Horsemanship™ (ASATH)

A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™ - Interspecies Dialogue

Inspiration: The Beginnings of Liberty

Alissa plays with Mustang Keoshin


To be a willing partner, to choose participation in the dance, the horse must first be aware that she has the freedom to make choices...

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Improving Circles & Establishing Boundaries with a "pushy & disrespectful" horse


Watch Alissa coach Sherry with her mare Selena in their first session of online groundwork in Part 3 of a 3-Lesson Series available in the members classroom.

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Equine Hanna Somatics for Every Horse:

Lateral Flexion of the Neck


Reduce tension and asymmetry with this powerful yet gentle Somatic Movement! 

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Training via Dialogue VS Dominance:

First Session with a New Horse


In this video: Watch Alissa introduce a new horse to #4 of her Five Agreements - the ASATH foundation for inviting a dialogue with any horse. 

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Why add Mastery-Level or Distance Coaching?


This can be YOUR new coach!

Alissa Mayer has been the mind-body instructor, interspecies-relationship advisor and Hanna Somatic Educator to dressage trainers, international clinicians, Olympians, dancers, fitness instructors, business owners, horsemanship gurus, recreational riders and thousands of clients around the world. 


Her techniques and insight have been shown to dramatically improve relationships, create deep connections, refine communication, relieve pain, stiffness and asymmetry, and rapidly improve wellness and athletic performance.

Now,  Alissa Mayer can be your Virtual Coach, anywhere!


Because nothing beats having a team to support you.

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"Simply transformational."

"One of the most amazing lessons connected and thrilling!"

“Has enhanced my relationship with my horse.”

- Jacqui Jorgeson

Equestrian, Educator, Filmmaker


“Has enhanced my relationship with my horse.”

"One of the most amazing lessons connected and thrilling!"

“Has enhanced my relationship with my horse.”

- Sarah Martin

Rider, USDF Faculty


"One of the most amazing lessons connected and thrilling!"

"One of the most amazing lessons connected and thrilling!"

"One of the most amazing lessons connected and thrilling!"

- Cenize Rodriguez

Dancer, Mustang Rider