Feel can’t be learned, it has to be awakened.

There are millions of horse-lovers out there with huge hearts overflowing with passion. We are all doing the best we can to make the world a better place for our horses so they can live their best lives, and I want to feed that fire.

It’s my mission and passion to get every horse to experience the amazing benefits of Hanna Somatics by teaching their owners and trainers to be their own ‘bodyworkers’ and to empower every equestrian to take back control of their own body and health by learning to use Somatic Movement to un-write patterns and awaken our natural abilities to Feel…

As a Hanna Somatic educator for horses and humans, I co-teach the Equine Hanna Somatics Practitioner Certification Program and I’m the founder and creator of the Feel-Embodied™ System – a heart-centered and Feel-based approach to gaining the body awareness, good posture and the physical skills necessary to be a great rider (even if you have ‘bad riding habits’ or don’t feel like a naturally talented horse whisperer) and to help a horse develop into a willing and pain-free athlete who can both achieve his or her athletic potential AND have a long career of soundness and happiness (even if they have had poor posture, difficult training histories or physical issues in the past).

The Feel-Embodied System isn’t just about developing more Feel, riding well or improving your own body-mind connection (although those are super important), it’s also about embracing a horse-first approach to training and tapping into the potential of our collective energy fields to wildly accelerate our progress and increase our enjoyment of all equestrian pursuits… and help our horses feel great and love their lives too!

Feel-Embodied is about coming together to help each other and our horses rise above the most common and preventable health and behavior issues that are keeping us from living in the perfect harmony we dream of…

Feel-Embodied is about leaning-in to cutting edge science and physiology to discover the fastest, easiest and proven methods for helping horses and riders to be more sound, straight and supple – to find joy in movement again by restoring nervous system function!

I may have started the Feel-Embodied movement when I wrote my first book, but it is growing into something even more amazing and life-changing than I could have imagined. You will not only find amazing resources inside our program, inside our community you will find friends, clients, mentors, collaborators and so much more (maybe even your next horse!).

If any of this has resonated with you, then you have found your home and we welcome you with pricked ears, open arms and enthusiastic squeals. And probably a green smear or two.

I created FEEL-EMBODIED in an effort to have a positive effect on the world.

By expanding Connections, Awareness and Empathy…

Hi, I’m Alissa.

Let’s get to know each other!

Things I love

• The smell of horses (do I even need to type this one?).
• I love a good scenic drive and that’s my favorite time to do my deep thinking. I like to imagine I’m riding a horse through wild country (or sometimes on golf courses, there, I said it!).
• I might be a little obsessed with pumpernickel bagels.
• I love shoe shopping, but the only ones I ever wear are boots, even with summer dresses (and yes, I definitely do need some more)
• Coffee. Permaculture. Neuroscience…

Things I could do without

• Chickens in the barn – just not for me.
• Dry lips…I can’t handle it. I have to have chapstick with me at all times.
• My kids getting up so dang early in the mornings…don’t they know sleeping in is amazing?
• Eating Uni…do you know what that is? Never been a fan.

I can’t wait to learn more about what makes you…you!

My fave things >

Dovetail Workwear is Alissa's favorite work clothing - click here to get $10 off your first order with my affiliate link!
My favorite organic superfoods!
Beyond Words by Carl Safina and Affective Neuroscience by Jaak Panksepp are two of my recommended books, click here to go to my whole reading list
I get my fave herbs and essential oils for horses from Mountain Rose Herbs - click here to hop to their store.

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I didn’t always have it

so easy with horses…

I was a riding instructor and horse re-habber, burning the candle at both ends running my own barn in Hawaii when my life changed: one of my horses was having an off day when I was scheduled to take a friend-of-a-friend on a dreamy beach trail ride… and that was the day I discovered Hanna Somatics.

Fast forward three years and I had become a certified Equine Hanna Somatics®(EHS) practitioner, and I was helping horses rapidly recover from ‘mysterious lamenesses’ and ‘last-resort’ situations on the regular by helping them to un-learn their patterns of chronic tension.

Fast forward a bit more, and I started co-teaching the EHS professional training program that certifies practitioners, and I had a busy schedule flying back and forth to Europe teaching clinics and working hands-on with dressage horses, race horses, trail horses, and even sport horses on the path to becoming Olympic athletes!

Along the way, I was starting to work more and more with the riders, (and their partners, students and employees) to help them use what I knew to get out of chronic pain, ditch stiffness, feel great and ride like they were born to ride… and I stumbled head over heels into the discovery that THIS was the way to develop Feel 100 times faster! By literally exercising our ‘feel muscles’ (aka the sensing-feeling and moving control-center of our brains).

Now, I’m driven to help other equestrians, bodyworkers, instructors and other professionals in the horse industry to discover the ease and freedom they can access using the natural reflexes they were born with (aka science!), AND to help all their horses do the same.

It took me years and a happy not-so-accidental path to find  this stuff out and start using it to finally get the kind of results with horses and for my students that we have all been dreaming about. But now that I know and have had a decade of practice, I know just how to teach it to Y-O-U in much less time. I can’t wait to help you become the rider and partner of your horses dreams.

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